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Over the past 60 years of Brass business, the team Wah Brass with its extensive experience and expertise has been assisting national defence industry, domestic commercial markets as well as exporting to companies offshore, to manufacture the desired products from very concept to finished quality goods. Wah Brass houses all the facilities under one roof, the shop floor spreads over 609840 sq ft, - Foundry - Hot Rolling Mills - Cold Rolling Mills - Pickling Line - Cutting & Slitting Lines - Disc Blanking Presses - Cupping Presses Being firmly committed to produce premium quality Brass for the utmost satisfaction of valued customers, shop floor has been redesigned through an extensive modernization & up gradation program and has been equipped with latest technology being used for producing Brass. This of course is a vivid proof of WBM’s commitment to achieve maximum level of customer satisfaction as well as to consistently hold our competitive position through excellence in product quality, productivity, and cost effectiveness. Wah Brass Mills produces Brass and other Cupper alloys, weighing 300 Kgs to 6 MTon of brass Ingots in most common chemical composition as well custom composition. The foundry is equipped with 8 furnaces making possible to achieve 24000 MTons of casting yearly and also above, casting a variety of brass in slab and round shapes. Since its start as POF-Brass Mill, Wah Brass Mills is developing copper and copper alloys GM/GMCS used for a wide range of purposes - ranging from basic industrial materials for construction, automobile, shipping, electric and machinery to hi-tech industries such as Electronics, Defense / Sporting Ammunition, Sanitary & Water fittings, Surgical Instruments & Cutlery, Metal Working / Light Engineering, Auto parts, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration parts, Garmenture, Gas CNG, Ornamental & Music industry. Surely this decade long profile makes us center of focus for the Brass input needs in above mentioned industrial sectors. The use of most advanced technology coupled with team of highly skilled people makes Wah Brass the only choice for customer when the concern is premium quality Brass as per intl standards. Wah Brass welcomes customers for their varied needs of quality Brass in any chemical composition and quality standards.

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